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The amazing technology of the Mild Hybrid.

Volvo Mild Hybrid cableless concept that is environmentally friendly and cost effective:

Mild hybrids reduces engine load for a smoother ride with reduced fuel consumption and lower tailpipe emissions.

How does a mild hybrid car work?

The mild hybrid powertrain (MHEV) utilizes both a gas engine and an electric motor. The MHEV is used to start the engine and brake or slow the car, thereby recovering brake energy that is stored in the 48V battery. This energy is then used to help boost the gas engine when accelerating.

Smoother drive

The mild hybrid technology adds to a more refined driving experience. The engine restarts instantly and you can enjoy a smoother drive from standstill.

Lower fuel consumption

The integrated starter generator actively reduces engine load for lowered fuel consumption, especially in urban driving situations.

More power

Using recuperated electric energy, the integrated starter generator boosts the gas engine for more powerful acceleration.