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Military Benefits

Volvo Cars has been serving the US military community since the mid-1950s. The Volvo Military Sales Program is one of the most comprehensive on the market, designed to make your purchase safe and convenient. 

  • Factory pricing 
  • Four-Year or 50,000 Mile Warranty WORLDWIDE
  • 5 Years of Free Shipping from Europe to the US Dealer of your Hometown ** 
  • 3 Years of Europe Roadside Assistance 
  • 3 Years or 30,000 Miles of Free Servicing 
  • Special Delivery Options: VIP Factory Delivery 
** Transfer & Customs fees are assessed at drop off terminals. Prices are subject to change. Complete FREE shipping from the factory to Hometown dealership. 

The Military Program Is Offered To:

US Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force) in Europe:
  • Active Duty in Europe 
  • DOD civilians in Europe
  • Non-US Active Duty & Civilian working with NATO or Coalition in Europe